Four Key Strategies

Four Key Strategies to Maximize Your Snow Removal Costs

Winter can be harsh in Northern Ohio, creating safety and challenges for commercial properties. Safety is the ultimate goal for commercial snow and ice management. Snow removal services are essential for the safety of all who walk or drive on your property. They also prevent property owners from major liability. We spend most of the year planning and thinking about the next season.
This blog will discuss four key strategies to maximize your snow removal budget.

Salt Matters

We’ve seen salt shortages at some of the largest suppliers over the past few years. This is driving up demand, and creating price spikes that can impact your snow removal budget. Snow contractors are finding it harder to meet their promises to clear your property and keep it safe because of the increased demand for salt.

Are you confident that your contractor has secured salt for winter? How do you know the supply of salt and how it can impact your property’s safety if there isn’t a solid storm management plan in place? Salt is vital to melt snow and ice and keep properties safe. But where can it be found if your contractor doesn’t have the materials? These are important questions you have to ask. Do not expect your snow contractor or snow service provider to bring this up during your next meeting.

Tip: Be the leader with these snow strategies that will keep your property safe. Make sure your contractors are committed to your storm management plan. Ask the hard questions. You will be grateful that you did.

Talk to Your Snow Contractor

Let’s face facts, snow removal professionals aren’t going to tell you about their concerns about salt availability. They don’t want to make you worry (and cancel your service).

You should also verify that your contractor has the materials necessary to complete your contract. Find out how many salt suppliers your contractor currently has and how much salt they used last season. Find out if the contractor has placed a pre-order for salt. You want to know how your contractor plans to obtain enough salt in the coming year to meet your commercial snow removal contract.
This is crucial because:

Salt suppliers are requiring contractors to prepay salt due to the stress on their salt supply. Contractors can buy thousands of tons in a season. At Schill Grounds Management it is not uncommon for us to hold 10,000 tons of salt for one winter.

Many contractors are not ready to make the immediate investment to ensure their supply. This is especially true given the fact that prices have risen this year. Our costs as contractors have risen by 40-50 percent.

The real issue is salt availability. It is important to have a conversation about salt availability with your contractor before snow begins flying.

Tip: Make sure to ask your snow contractor if they can guarantee salt for your commercial snow removal contract for this winter.

Review Your Storm Management Plan Now

Don’t wait for the first winter storm before you sit down to evaluate where your clearing efforts are being directed.
To eliminate product waste from your property, take a look at the strategy you have for winter. We love to meet with clients to discuss the plan and identify high-traffic areas and safety hazards. Priorities for snow removal are also identified. This is the best time to get a better idea of your property’s use in terms of time and traffic patterns.
We are all being asked to conserve products as an industry. A Cut Above The Rest isn’t new to this. We have always tried to find alternative ways to maximize materials (read on for more).
Tip: Putting emphasis on salt conservation can be a positive step in storm management planning. This should encourage you to evaluate your snow and ice management strategy and to work with your contractor on revising it to fit your budget.

Consider Salt Alternatives

Innovation is a result of conservation. A Cut Above The Rest is aware that natural resources are scarce. We have been early adopters of other methods for commercial snow removal and bring the most recent technologies to our clients.

We respect the earth and all materials that we use to make our homes. We use salt alternatives in our snow management plan. This includes pretreating bulk material to extend its usage and using liquid deicing substances that are gentle on the environment.

Many contractors will have to think about what the future holds when they experience supply shortages similar to this one.

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