Best Grass Types PART 1

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Three Best Grass Types For Minnesota PART 1

Three Best Grass Types For Minnesota PART 1

What grass varieties are best for your lawn in Twin Cities? These are the three types of grass we recommend:

Fine fescue

Kentucky bluegrass

Tall fescue

These are some of the top grasses for your lawn.

Minnesota has four seasons and cold winters.

Each of the three cool-season types of grass has its own characteristics. To choose the right grass type for your lawn, take time to research each one.

Let’s now take a closer look into the characteristics and maintenance requirements of Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, and turf-type tall fescue.

Fine fescue
Fine Fescue comprises a variety of grasses:

hard fescue (chewings fescue), sheep fescue (sheep fescue), slender creeping fescue, and strong creeping fescue.

Fine fescues have two distinctive characteristics: moderate shade tolerance, and full sunlight tolerance. To increase shade tolerance in partial shade lawns, fine fescue often mixes with Kentucky bluegrass.

Fine fescue makes a low-maintenance, easy-care lawn. Because it grows slowly, you will need to mow less. Fine fescue requires less water in the summer than Kentucky bluegrass, and it stays green for longer. Fine fescue is very hardy in winter and can tolerate moderate amounts of salt.

This turf will begin to lose its quality when temperatures rise to the 90s, and after heavy foot traffic or wear. Fine fescues are not able to recover from snow mold and may lose some grass if there is a severe case.

Cool-season grass
Spreads by: The majority of fine fescues do not have stolons or rhizomes. They are a bunching grass that is spread by tillers. The rhizomes of creeping red fescues are usually very short.

Shade Tolerance:

Tolerance for Drought:

Foot Traffic ToleranceLow

Maintenance needs:

Mowing Height 3+ Inches

Possibility of Disease:

Low to Moderate
Other Notes Fine Fescue is an excellent choice for low-maintenance lawns. Endophyte-enhanced seeds provide greater protection against disease and insects, such as dollar spots. This species is also susceptible to red thread and summer patches.

Kentucky bluegrass
Kentucky bluegrass (KBG), is a common grass in Minneapolis/St. Paul. It takes effort to maintain this grass at its best.

Kentucky bluegrass can be considered a very high-maintenance grass. To keep it healthy, Kentucky bluegrass requires regular watering and nitrogen. You can also expect high outputs from these high inputs. KBG lawns are beautiful and can withstand foot traffic. Kentucky bluegrass can also be planted with seed or sod.
Your Kentucky bluegrass yard can look amazing if you are willing to do the hard work and maintain ideal environmental conditions.

Classification:Cool-season grass

Shade Tolerance:

Tolerance to Drought:

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