Preparation for Winter Plowing

Snow plow removing snow from street

Preparation for Winter Plowing by Snow-Plow Drivers

Preparation for Winter Plowing by Snow-Plow Drivers

The professional snow-removal company doesn’t need lists of what you should have in your car for winter driving. They’re useful, but not always as intuitive and helpful as the list-writer might think.

A professional snow-plow operator should be able to see winter plowing clearly.
Jumpstarters such as NOCO and Genius are convenient because they eliminate bulky jumper cables, making it easier to locate another vehicle. It’s easy for it to go without charging.

Inflator with battery, portable and fully charged, for use in the event of a leaky tire.
First-aid kit.

You should have several pairs of winter gloves to replace the wet ones. You don’t need another pair of boots if your boots are waterproof and insulated.

Plug-in charger for your cell phone (either a USB or an old cigarette lighter). It’s possible to be out for a lot longer than expected, and the more snow falls, the lighter your phone will get (hopefully, if marketing is done well).

Quick-energy food. You may be a bit tired after a long day of travel. An on-the-road snack is a great way to recharge your body’s alert system. Sandwiches made from whole-grain bread and protein in the middle (meats, peanut butter, eggs salad), whole-grain protein bars with protein in their middle, dark-chocolate-covered almonds, and a trail mix are all great options to grab on the move and give you that extra boost.

You will feel tired from dehydration, so make sure to drink plenty of water.
Kitty litter and shovel. It sounds obvious, but it isn’t.

Additional windshield wiper fluid, and a window scraper (visibility is crucial in this industry).

We don’t want our phones to be overtaxed.

If you are going to be out much, you should wear a blaze orange vest. Or at the very least, have one in your truck. In blowing, snowy conditions, you want to be visible. It doesn’t matter if you think your dark clothes will stand out against the white snow.

You must keep your wits about yourself. Do not let other drivers take advantage of you. You should give them the right of way, especially if your name is displayed on your vehicle. That kind of negative publicity is not needed.

Avoid auto-driving, wear your seatbelt, and keep twice the space between you and the vehicle ahead. (Remember that your vehicle is heavier than normal due to the plow at the front). Drive the speed limit. Although time is money, it’s not likely that you will make any money from an accident.

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