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Snow removal can be difficult, as we all know. Not only is it painful for your body, but You can also endanger your home, property, or free time if you spend hours shoveling the driveway.

We have compiled this list of 12 snow-removal tips and tricks to save you and your home.

Place stakes around your driveway and walkways to ensure that your snow removal team does not damage any bushes, grass, or plants.

De-icer should be applied before snow falls so it can work from beneath snow. This helps to reduce the likelihood of ice building up.

Your home’s number one enemy is water. Don’t put snow near your foundation. It will eventually melt, and it could seep through your foundation cracks.

When it comes to deicing your driveway or walkway, rock salt is the best option. It’s also one of the most destructive. As you drive over it, your driveway will be damaged by the combination of rock salt and your car.

If you expect a lot of snow, shovel often. Do not let snow accumulate to 6 inches or you will be stuck with a lot of heavy snow to shovel.

If there’s a lot of snow, you can layer it so that your back doesn’t get hurt. Use proper technique.

To prevent snow from becoming compacted by people walking on it, shovel early in the morning.

Wear clothing that wicks moisture away when you are shoveling snow. This will allow you to keep warm. Cotton, which is a breathable fabric, will make you feel colder. It will freeze if it becomes wet.

Keep your cellphone handy just in case you need it.

Kitty litter is a great way to traction on icy surfaces

Spray some rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle to deice the windshield. It will help prevent it from fogging!

Pour lukewarm water on the area to remove ice from cars windows, steps, and walkways. To remove any ice, use a squeegee. This may take several times to remove all ice. The process won’t be accelerated by boiling or hot water.

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