How to Care for Lawns with Dogs

How to Care for Lawns with Dogs
Although there may only be one difference between pests and pets, you likely see them all differently. Dogs can cause as much damage to grass as rodents or insects. Dog owners shouldn’t have a choice between their lawn or their furry friends. With the right strategy, they don’t need to. Before you can find a solution, it is important to understand what damage can be done by dogs on grass. Here are some ways that even the most well-trained dogs can cause damage to healthy lawns.

Harmful waste

A doggy bathroom is a great invention, but pet owners have to keep their front and back yards bare. The most common turf damage is caused by urine patches. These brown spots will be surrounded by a dark green ring. What is actually happening when your dog goes about its business? The dog leaves behind a lot of nitrogen, which soaks into the soil and acts as a fertilizer. But it’s not the good kind. These spots can cause lawn damage, especially when it is dry. To reduce lawn eyesores, water the problem areas to reduce nitrogen. Take your dog on walks to get rid of the problem.

field with green grass and trees in the background


There are some breeds that are more inclined to dig holes in your yard than others. If you have a little puppy, it is important to be aware. Remember that your dog is not trying to ruin your lawn, but because it doesn’t know better. Dogs can be bored and move dirt beneath the grass to entertain themselves. Dogs that are terrier-type can dig because it is an instinctive trait. How to keep your dog from making the yard a cluttered mess? Your dog will be more interested in other things than the yard if you provide stimulation throughout their day. Your dog should be taken for two walks per day so that they can get the energy to go digging.

Eating Grass

You might wonder if your dog is eating fresh grass blades. You should be careful about giving your dog grass if they are eating a healthy diet. The grass is not healthy for dogs and you need to be concerned about your lawn. Dogs may be eating grass to get more fiber (as long it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals), and it could also be used for their overall health. Your grass does not need to be eaten. It is possible to end up with ugly patches of grass over time. You need to take action. You can reward your dog if they finish their dinner. This will help them to be full so that they are ready for the outside.

Traffic Wear

Even though your dog might not be as heavy as you, it can still cause damage to the lawn by walking all over it. Too much foot traffic on your lawn can cause soil compaction which makes it hard for roots to spread. The soil compaction prevents water from sinking evenly in the ground. This can cause the grass to die. It’s impossible to stop your dog from running on the lawn. Renting a lawn aerator to loosen the soil every few months is an option. To remove weeks of pet traffic compaction, it takes only one pass to cover the entire lawn. It is worth the effort to loosen the soil as it can be much more expensive to replace dead grass.

We still love our dogs for their loyalty and love, despite the damage that a dog can cause to a lawn. You can have a healthy lawn with a happy dog. It is possible. It’s time for lawn care professionals to take over your lawn. Our residential lawn maintenance services will help you maintain a healthy lawn even if your dog is present. Green Stuff has the knowledge and experience to fix most of the common damage.

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