Lawn Care

Lawn Care

You want neighbors and friends to envy your lawn and admire it. Mowing is one of the easiest tasks. Is it really that simple? If you want to achieve perfect results on your property, what if there were some rules? Let us help you understand lawn mowing with these five things.

The season’s first mowing
It is crucial to correctly perform the first lawn mowing for the spring season. Even more so if you forgot to do it in the fall. You can maintain a lawn that is cleaner for the entire year by taking care of the long grass blades.

Split the first mowing if your grass is longer than 8 cm in the spring. Cut the grass 5-6 cm higher than the ground during the first run. Only the second run can you cut the grass to the ideal size of 3,5 cm.

Your lawn is ready!
You can mow your lawn once per week. It is best to mow the lawn twice per week during grass growth peak (mid-April through the end June). If your lawn is dry or not hydrated regularly in summer, it will grow slower. This means you can mow it less frequently.

stand on mower with bagger

The lawn can be mowed every other day, or only occasionally depending on your preference. Keep in mind that blades should not exceed 8 cm high. Remember to trim the lawn only by one-third with every mowing.

Best conditions for lawn mowing
Good weather is essential to ensure that your grass is properly treated. You must avoid mowing your grass in the rain or when it is wet. Morning dew can make mowing uneven, and your lawn will look ragged and unattractive.

You should always mow in good weather conditions. This does’t mean that you need to wait for the perfect day. Make sure to keep an eye out for sunlight and cut the grass when it’s dry and straight. Remember that mild weather is better for grass health.

Don’t forget about the invasive weeds
All kinds of weeds can grow easily from turf that is too short. This can occur because the lawn’s thickness or consistency is too low. It is important to prevent weeds. You can also take care of your lawn without using any herbicides.

Once you see them between your grass blades, you can remove all weeds. There are many ways to stop them growing. You should only use the recommended amount of fertilizer. Don’t force the lawn to grow, but don’t compact the soil.

You can also trust the professionals in your area!
These tips can be recalled and used in your lawn care routine. It can be time-consuming. We have the perfect tip. Lawn King’s experts will help you relax and enjoy beautiful, healthy grass.

We are happy to assist you with any important yard work. We understand how important lawn care is, so we offer the best service. Lawn King professionals are the best in lawn care. They use the most advanced machinery and rely on their knowledge and skills. Now, get a quote and forget all about it! Let’s do the rest.

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